Author Topic: i really think there needs to be somthing done with the people on this website  (Read 3664 times)


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i don't know if that means more mods or what but you have got these certain people attacking people in the lobby all the time if they play the wrong card or didn't over bid them and they got set or what ever they get there little clan together and attack them and with that being said the more they attack people the less they get on and over time you will lose business which is bad all the way around i see lots of ppl say they were done with the site because of these ppl and i think there should be something done about it me and my wife really enjoy playing rook here on duel board I'm not saying they were attacking us I'm just saying if ppl don't get on and the site drops off with players and especially with payed players that the site wouldn't last but i know u already know about this but every time I'm on there is never any  mods on so its just a thought that should be brought to ur attention have a good one