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Title: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: Allanon80 on July 01, 2010, 09:58:45 am
I was banned from the site because I called an admin out for abuse of power. Judyk67 kicked me from a table and then banned me from the site because I called her on it. I sat at a table that was not password protected to play. They told me I could not because I was blue. I then told them I would play at any table that was open and not password protected, at this point Judyk67 came in and kicked me. I then sent and email to duelboard with the conversation that I has with said admin which I will post here and then said in open chat for others to watch out for judyk67 as she was abusing power....to my suprise she has banned me. Can someone please fix this. My nic is Allanon80 and the conversation that I had is as follows which I also sent to duelboard

Allanon80: I don't follow I go to where the people are
judyk67: u were asked to leave
judyk67: its thier table
Allanon80: I come here to play how is it fair to kick someone when they just come to play
Allanon80: I did not know I thought if people wanted private table they password set up
judyk67: im not tellin u again...its thier table...they dont have to play with u
Allanon80: Isn't that what they should do?
judyk67: its up to them how they set thier table
Allanon80: No they don't but I should not be penalized for trying to play with people
judyk67: and its up to them who they play with
Allanon80: Then if that is the case then I can sit where the people are if they don't password protect
judyk67: allan,.,,,i will say this one more time...its up to them who they play with
Allanon80: Same with where I sit then correct if it is not password protected
judyk67: how can i make this any more clear
Allanon80: You are making things clear enough fairness in playing on un password protected tables
is an offense to be kicked really?
Allanon80: Sounds like an abuse of power top me
Allanon80: So not I am being banned for asking a question on fairness?
Allanon80: *now
Allanon80: All I am saying is thier are ways to keep others out of your table if you don't want to play
with others call password protection so I was doing nothing wrong e
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: jenni_ferr on July 06, 2010, 12:38:17 am
i was also just banned for similar reasons how do you contact duelboard?
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: Janet1978 on July 19, 2010, 09:57:37 pm
lol...there are alot of peeps who are being bnanned for less...not really much you can do about it...the mods bann who they want and let  others cuzz like sailors because it is their friends.....it is a hierarchy sorry
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: Allanon80 on July 24, 2010, 11:02:25 am
After sending an email to whoever is in charge they fixed it and said that they would speak with the moderators. My question is this, how does one get to be a moderator. Is there a process so that this type of abuse of power never happens again? I see that this is happening alot. Give someone a little power and they abuse it thus making it very difficult for others to play.
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: shooter10 on July 27, 2010, 05:56:59 pm
I was booted by a mod who admitted she was wrong in doing so. Jenn, the mod, admitted banning me just because of what a few of her friends said about me. She's even told me that she does not no why I haven't been re-instated. She has e-mailed Matlu about this matter on numerous occasions and he still has not reinstated me!! ID 1030.
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: byrdzhouse7408 on October 25, 2010, 04:10:16 pm
Don't feel bad Jenn has abused her power too. She banned me and my friends from playing because of what someone said, she didnt bother to ask me she just banned me cause someone said i was cursing. Jenn does not need to be a Mod. she abuses her power and i feel your pain i really do.
Title: Re: Abuse of power by Judyk67
Post by: Jenn on October 25, 2010, 07:17:54 pm
the reason you and "your friends" are banned is apparently because there was a very unacceptable nic in the lobby "VeryHung.." After asking this person THREE TIMES to remove it, it still kept coming in. I previously warned. From my understanding, my banning this nic also banned your whole classroom from playing on duelboard.