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Do you like the Cyber Battles graphics?

Started by M_I_K_E, March 06, 2007, 04:12:39 PM

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Adun Toridas, Executor.


Adun Toridas, Executor.


I see it this way...You have two choices:

1) Horrid graphics and you can play Cyber Battles...
2) No Cyber Battles...

If that's a tough decision...I pity you :p

Seriously though, I think the graphics are Absolutely GREAT!!!


Yea the new graphics are well made though they lack a little polish.

I see my hover tank was never implemented into the game.  Maybe I'm slightly biased though i kinda like mine more than the original ;)
Was the only graphic i attempted.

Is there no one still currently playing than could take over "adminstration" of cyber wars, implement all the new graphics and maybe add to the game? 

Maybe there is no longer a large enough base of people that still play the game.


Adun Toridas, Executor.