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Ok, I admit it has been amusing Bakster, the odd dose of spam now and then is a must do in any ol forumers armoury but you must agree with dodger.

The golden era of this forum was awesome. I wasn't actually a forum type guy and this is the only forum i am a member of, but those days were unrivalled.  Just read the Guests rap, some of the older threads, parsleys poem, cDigis random and insightful comments, the feuds... IT WAS FORUM HEAVEN  :)

Heck, even Matlu use to join in the fun. Not only did this shine in the here, but remember the games, the teams, the clans, the tournies?  :P

I will never forget last year when i was a bored noob, stumbled across this magical site and discovered a small community in its prime.

God bless it and everyone  :'(

Amen, brother.