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how to report abuse

Started by matlu, April 30, 2005, 03:33:36 PM

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I'm new, been playing for a few days and really enjoy it.  I'd like to suggest that a simpler solution to abuse might be to allow users the option to "ignore" all chat, meaning it doesn't show in their browsers.  Or, in lieu of this, to ignore a particular user so that you don't receive his chat and private messages.  Is this possible?  I haven't checked out all the opotions on this site yet.  I'm thinking of other game sites like Yahoo games which have both these options.  I always turn off all chat and messaging on other sites.  It really isn't necessary and can detract from the fun of the game.  It would save all the hassle of (1) decent users having to put up with abusers and (2) the whole reporting system.  And those who want chat can still use it.


Hi all I did was quit 1st hand b4 it was over because i had to go and I got a Pc from someone saying that was unaccepatble....without warning I was banned from site!!!this was a misunderstanding pls reinstate my name Jasonc79


how do you report abuse by a mod - i.e. banning someone simply because they have an opinion that is different from the mods!


Look guys I would like to start off by saying how sorry for the vulgar language conversed through my profile in the recent days. I believe some of my students my have got to my computer while I was away, I was unaware of the situation until it came to my attention when I saw I had been banned from the website. I confronted my students and they have paid the consequences for what they done I am truly sorry and I hope my apology is accepted and my ban is lifted. my Ban ID is 1322 if that is necessary.