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Re-Run trounys a good idea

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SiR gUt:
Hey everyone i was wondering if you all think if i sir gut re start the tournys. I for one think it will be but i will not start tournys probably for another few weeks so people get the flow of the game and get into it more so if you guys think it would be a good idea to redo it let me know. thanks

Tournaments is good idea, but the game needs more players first. Unfortunately I don't have exact statistics how many active players the game has (shame on me, the game doesn't yet log last date when people connected, I had no time to do it)
The game page is daily visited by approx. 100 unique IPs in average, but probably some of them are duplicates (same person from computer at work/home/school), some are robots, spiders and maybe random non-interested visitors.

There are over 400 registered nicks, but again, great deal of them are probably duplicates, or people who are not really interested in playing for some reason.

I estimate that there may be round 50 active players.

I have to fix some bugs in checkers, but as soon as I fix it, there will be big notice somewhere, asking everybody to promote this site in best way you can.
(I'll make it tomorrow or on saturday).

SiR gUt:
i agree i wont start untill we have a lot of players. Also im going to put this website on banners for some other website so people can look at it and i am sending the link to a lot of people i know so hopefully this will get popular fast.
By the way i was reading the other post and it says you might not let like people with 1000 points vs 200 point people because of cheating. I think should just leave it how you have it because you will know who cheats and who doesnt and also you should have about 2 moderators who is on this game a lot to watch for cheaters. id like to help with that if you would let me. 

SiR gUt:
Well i am going to change the tournaments up a little and i need some ideas. I was thinking about doing ladder matches like 24 people tournaments or more. Then each series is best of 5 and you have 1 series a day so you dont have to wait all day and if your opponent doesn't show up you directly advance.

also i was thinking about doing 3 vs 3 and 2 vs 2


why did someone vote no  ???


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