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« on: April 11, 2010, 03:08:59 pm »
I was in a game with a monitor, and the other team was hitting real well, and the other team said they froze so they wanted to unrate, i thought if you was froze or loading you could not type so the other team both unrated the game but i didnt neither did the monitor, so they started playing said in unfroze, then stsrted hitting each other again, so i unrated the game, and the stsrted calling me names, like jerk moron, idiot and the monitor done nothing, they said i said they was cheating that word never came out of my mouth, i said you guys are hitting really well, so i left. and the monitor PURE COUNTRY privated me say idid say cheat i told Pure Country that never came outof my mouth so Pure  Country threated me they was going to kick me off, said that the Word Jerk is not bad, I thought this was a family game, there was more name calling, than jerk if there was not i would not be writing this, I think Pure Country is wrong for being a MONITOR, I think you should get some one else, every year i pay to be amemeber when it goes that way, just not fair
joeb: they called me names
joeb: u didnt do anything because it was your mom
joeb: thats not right
PureCountry: did we not hit on 1 of our bids?
joeb: 1
PureCountry: shes not my mom
joeb: u said she was
PureCountry: shes my rook mom but not real mom but u dont accuse people of cheating like that
joeb: they shouldn't be any name calling but you let that happen thats not right
PureCountry: u want to stay on htis site?
joeb: i did not say the word cheat
joeb: i can come back as someone else, i reporting you not doing anything and threatening me, a
not doing anything about the one doing the name calling
PureCountry: jerk isnt a bad word

Please Do something about this monitor thanks