Author Topic: Cannot enter any rooms after creating an account....says banned  (Read 2032 times)


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I know this is kind of awkward, but I'm trying to figure out why my mom can't play raven.

I have had an account on here for a week now, and after telling her about it, she decided she wanted to play too.  She signed up for an account, activated, logged in, and then clicked on a room (Woodshed).  It then tries to open, but says "You are banned from this site, ID: 0."

We are 200 miles away from each other, so it can't think we're in the same house.  She hasn't been banned for content - she's never even been on the site.

I even had her sign up with her new gmail account (yahoo account the first time) to just try a new one.  Still the same result.  Her two usernames have been mom (first try with a yahoo address) and brenda325 (second try with a gmail address).

Any help would be much appreciated.