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Needs a good fix...

Started by kthornburg7, May 26, 2010, 01:22:33 AM

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For the past couple nights...
I haven't been able to get in to any rooms. It says Authorization Failed...
When I log in and get to the rooms it says I'm not logged in... Is there something I need to do??
Is anyone else having this same problem?? Its getting really frustrating.


This happens sometimes to some people, I don't know why, but it should help if you clear your web browser's cache
If you use Firefox it should be in: Tools/Options/Advanced/Network and then "Clear now"
In Internet Explorer it's Tools/Internet Options/General and then "Delete files"

If it doesn't help you can try to use a different web browser (e.g. Firefox instead of Internet explorer).


I nominate this topic for most useful and relevant thread title of all time.
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