Author Topic: Banned For No Reason! Would Like an ANSWER!  (Read 2238 times)


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Banned For No Reason! Would Like an ANSWER!
« on: July 07, 2010, 03:37:43 am »
I was banned with the ID:1033 2 days ago on Sunday July 4th and honestly i have no idea why i guess because i made one of the administrators mad which is ridiculous because i did nothing wrong at all.

I was in a Table one with 2 other people and went into the lobby and said i need 1 blue or red in table 1. I posted it twice in five minutes because no one ever came. JENN then messaged me almost ten minutes later after i had started a game and said

JENN: You do not need to post which rooms do and do not need players we are clearly able to see it ourselves.

So I went into the lobby and simply said,
Please do not immaturely private message me like you are 12 telling me what to do and not do, thank you. that was ten minutes ago and it did not hurt anyone, i did nothing wrong.

and then BAM i was kicked out and banned.

I did not do anything wrong and i think this is stupid and ridiculous to be banned over. They are abusing their power as administrators and its getting out of hand.

I really enjoy this game, a lot of my friends and family play it often and i'd like to continue to play it on here.

So i'm hoping someone can fix this problem soon.

my Id is Jenni_ferr
Id code was :1033



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Re: Banned For No Reason! Would Like an ANSWER!
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2010, 10:16:21 pm »
there was a reason you cant argue with the mods they know