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Started by tiraspol, May 14, 2005, 12:10:16 AM

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1 on 1 Tournament Rules

1) All players must send an e-mail to either sir_gut@hotmail.com, Tiraspol3@gmail.com or post on the forums with Name: CyberBattles Username: Rating: How long you been playing: in order to become approved and thus being able to play in any tournament.
2) If your name is recognized it will be added to the approved players list published on this site. Your name must be on the list to participate in any tournament. If you don't see your name on the list and you have sent in a sign-up e-mail or you posted on the forums you must get approval from one of the Board Members. To do this just send a whisper (when it is implemented) to one of the Board Members listed. For instance, SiR_gUt is listed as a Board Member. In order to get approved if you aren't on the list you would whisper (when it is implemented) him in the DuelBoards and ask to be approved. THE DEADLINE FOR GETTING APPROVAL IS THE DAY BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT. Once you are on the approved list you will remain there permanently unless removed for misconduct. If you're on the approved list you only need to e-mail the sign-up address to be included in any tournament. This will get you on the registered list for the upcoming tournament so the Scorekeeper will know you're intending to play in that tournament.

3) If you do not show up for a tournament for which you are registered you will automatically lose and your record and ranking will show the loss and your opponent will acheive the victory. THE DEADLINE FOR BACKING OUT OF A TOURNAMENT IS THE DAY BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT.

4) All games are one-on-one. we will have Tournament directors in the lobby. In the case of a dispute the Scorekeeper will check the respective score of the combatants to determine the results. IF THERE IS A DISPUTE, BOTH PLAYERS MUST REMAIN IN THE CYBER WARS LOBBY. IF A PLAYER IS FOUND TO HAVE LEFT THE LOBBY (i.e. entered a game, started a game etc.) DURING A DISPUTE, THAT PLAYER WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE THAT MATCH.

5) All games are rated. The players must report the results of each round of their match to the Scorekeeper until one of the players wins. The last player standing is the Champion. The Tournament Champion's name will be published on this site and they will have full bragging rights along with a published quote and photograph if desired.

6) To acheive a victory you must beat your opponent twice in a row. Each player takes turns going first. This is because there are certain built-in advantages when one goes first or second. Therefore two wins shows a total superiority over the opponent.

7) Anyone found to be abusing the registration and approval/verification process will be forever banned from all tournaments.

8 ) There is a practice among some players of creating false opponents to fight against so that their points may be drained which increases the player's score. There is an unmistakable footprint of this type of activity: The % of wins to played is VERY high. If a player in the Top 50 is found to have this phenomenon and they are on the Approved Players list, their case will be reviewed. If it is evident to the Board Members's that this is indeed true, that player will be banned from the tournies.

9) Any player who loses connection (disconnect) during a match automatically loses that game, effectively ending that match if their opponent is already up by one.

10) Once the tournament is full of players or the application deadline has passed, all players sending approval/play intention requests will be assigned as subs. This means that IF there are players who do not show the subs will be chosen that come closest to the missing players' rating score. THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE A SPOT IN A TOURNAMENT IS TO BE APPROVED AND REGISTERED FOR THAT TOURNAMENT BEFORE IT FILLS UP OR BEFORE THE APPLICATION DEADLINE PASSES. If you are not sure you can make it, the best thing to do is to be a sub as no loss of points will occur for not showing. Please note that sometimes the pairing system can create an odd set of players from the second round on. When this occurs, the sub that is closest rated to the odd person will immediately play. If the sub wins they will receive +1 on their Tournament Ranking score, and if they lose they will receive -1 on their score.

2 on 2 Team Tournament Rules

1) Teams will consist of two (2) people. If there is someone who does not show up, the Team must choose from the Substitutes available. If there are no more subs left, the opposing team must remove as much players from their team to make the match even.

2) The first game of the match the team with the lowest Cyber Wars rating score will get the 1,3 player positions. That team chooses who on their team will be 1st player and 3rd player. The next game that team gets the 2,4 player positions. The teams will keep alternating until the match ends.

3) The match will be played the best out of 7, that means first team to win 4 games wins. After this is achieved the team resulting with the loss is then eliminated from the tournament.

4) Games are to be unrated as there might be no single winner.

5) You are able to kill Commanders With range attacks, alien goo, fire, and gun turrets. Unlike the old Cyber Wars the new Cyber Battles will not freeze.

6) At the end of a match, the teams must report the result of the match and how many games were played to the Tournament Director (a.k.a. Scorekeeper).

7) Scoring for the Team Rankings will be done exactly like those for the original 1v1 Tourneys.


The scoring system is designed to provide an ongoing rating system for High Ranked Player AKA GMs (Grand Masters). After each tournament the rankings will be adjusted to reflect the activity of the Players that played. The Player with the most overall points will be ranked 1st etc. Here's how it works:

The games are played in rounds. The 1st round will divide the players in half and pit them against each other. The players that lose in that round will receive -1 pts. The winners will receive 2 pts. In the next round those who lose still receive -1 but winners receive 4 pts. It's the same through all successive rounds, the winners' points doubling until the last round which will consist of 2 players. The winner will receive the points plus a bonus of 10 pts for the total victory.

This way those who survive over successive rounds will be rewarded more than those who don't make it as far.


Pairings are now done Swiss style due to the problems the past style had. Swiss Pairings are done like this: Players (must be an even number) are listed from highest rated to lowest and then cut in half. The first half contains the higher rated players, and the second has the lower rated players. The first half is then put against the second half. Example: There are 16 players, so #1 (highest rated) is matched against #9 (highest rated in the second half). Then #2 plays #10 etc. Then the rest of the rounds are done differently. As soon as a player has completed their 1st round game, they are IMMEDIATELY eligible to play in a second round match.

To register your eligibility you must whisper the Scorekeeper that you are ready to play. Then, you will IMMEDIATELY play the person who registered right before you or right after you, no exceptions.
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