Author Topic: an open apology from rookmeme  (Read 4512 times)


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an open apology from rookmeme
« on: April 20, 2011, 04:22:49 am »
To anyone on duelboard who I have been rude, mean, or hateful to I hope you will accept my apology. I was kindly reminded today that sometimes all of the story cannot be understood just by reading the lobby chat. So please forgive an old woman who lets her mouth overload her butt sometimes. I havent walked a step in anyones shoes here so I dont really know the reasons why some of you seem to hate each other so much. I have played at games and duelboard for about 12 yrs now. I have much respect for many  of the people who i have played with.  I may not always understand or agree with what someone says but i will try not to judge what people are saying anymore. Everyone has their own reason for what they feel and i was wrong not to realize that. So please if  I am being hateful or mean to any of you just kick me under the table  throw a brick at me in the lobby let me know that the bytch in me has come out. And yes more than one person has told me that. and i must admit at the time i was probably being just that.