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Completely random venting

Started by Jenn, May 02, 2011, 04:19:19 PM

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I am so not trusting our Pres. for one burying this Bin Laden at sea..... STUPID! I want a visual of his decaying body. I want to see his body torn by birds and bugs. For EVERY AMERICAN life lost, and every innocent foreign life lost, I pray this death is true. GOD Bless AMERICA MY HOME SWEET HOME! (for those I offended, I still love ya.)  Happy Monday! 


Lets see here. he has been killed 5 or 6  times over past 10 yrs. We were  not shown any proof, he was buried at sea and during the last 24 hrs the Gov says "its for sure him, they done DNA test". For real? How can they all of a sudden get a sample to a lab and get this test run in 24 hrs? All i can say is I will believe it when they drag his dead body down my road. The families of 9/11 if no one else deserves answers and proof. The Gov only tells us what they want us to believe, it matters not to them if its truth or not.


Americans like you make me feel sick.