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report from Blitz

Started by matlu, March 19, 2005, 10:30:09 PM

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Blitz wrote:
QuoteI was just wondering if you would like us to send reports of game freezes. At 10:37 AM(EST) 19, March a three player game froze. It froze on the beaming phase of the game. It was my turn...I had a real hover tank and a real floating eye, and I used a hologram flying slime. Before the purple beaming animation came up it froze on the two little white circles. Fire was not used yet. I also tried to login and can't at 10:39 AM(EST) and 10:43 AM(EST). It doesn't come up with "Can not connect to server!" it simply freezes at "Logging in". Thought I should report it.

YES, such detailed reports about crashes are VERY helpful! It will help me to find the bug faster. If anybody experiences server crash, please try to remember what were you doing when in happened and report it.