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News & Official Announcements
« on: April 09, 2005, 01:51:06 pm »
I'm not sure if anybody reads the news on the main page, so I decided to post copies to the forum. This topic is not meant for discussions, so I decided to lock it (you may not post replies!)

Please have fun and report bugs :)

Forum password recovery finally works. You can now use "Forgot your password?" link on the sign-in page.

added chatbox commands /sound on and /sound off
Fire and Goo never kill on first turn.

- Due to many requests I increased "booting" timeout while waiting in lobby. It was increased to 15 minutes
(Timeout in game remains 5 minutes)

- There are also new funny Cyberbattles "emote" commands. I'm not sure if you all know about them, I will list them here:
They only work in Cyberbattles game, when your commander is visible (not in a building or transport). They display short animation

- another new command working in Cyberbattles is /quit   - it will boot you to lobby!

- cosmetic improvements (better chatbox)
- disruptor & disintegrator made stronger

- added private messaging. The syntax is:
/tell nick message    (it must start with slash)

- I added singleplayer game: Pacman. This game was not programmed by me, I just found the sources on the internet and made some modifications. When I have some time I'll make a scoreboard for it.

- added CHESS. Unfortunately, it had stupid bug and the server crashed several minutes after the update (I'm sorry). I uploaded patched version, I hope it's going to work now.

- some cosmetic improvements for Connect4 and Reversi. Also the game doesn't end when player runs out of time, it just makes random move instead.
Soon I'll do same thing for Checkers.

- new game: Reversi. Please test it!

- MANY cosmetic improvements

- two weeks passed since last major update :(
- added Alien Goo
- added possibility to report abusers

- added Rated/Non-Rated game option to Cyber Battles (Rated game has exclamation mark before name of game owner).
- gun turrets and beacons don't block enemy movement
- new (final?) version of Checkers
- replaced Go-moku with Connect 4. This game seems to be more popular
- score should work in all games
- please try & test new games

Duel Board goes 3d!
Uploaded first version of checkers. The game is NOT finished, not all game rules are implemented! And it probably also contains all possible bugs, it's almost untested.

Minor bugfixes:
- each attack (hand-to-hand or ranged) fails automatically during first turn
- gun turrets don't follow up killed enemy (but they still block enemy movement, I guess I like it more this way)

- added first version of new game: Go-moku. It is very similar to tic-tac-toe, but the goal is to make a row of 5 marks! This game is very popular in my country and it is very challenging. (Score is not yet implemented for this game)
- implemented user-friendly way of restarting the server. All connected players will be getting regular messages about upcoming reboot, few minutes in advance. Logging-in is also disabled few minutes before reboot takes place.
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