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startup messed up

Started by willie, October 31, 2005, 06:36:28 AM

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yea...ive been downloadin too much.  i think my computer is really screwed up now.  whenever it boots up, the stuff thats supposed to show up on the taskbar DONT show up anymore at startup.  i can see something is loading in the background at the startup, but the taskbar stuff dont show up after.  i scanned my comp for viruses and spyware, but aint nothin showin up on the scans.  i update the definitions before i do my scans so yeeh...im runnin XP...it's just been recently happening.


Start > Run > MsConfig

Go to the Tab 'Startup' and check that the boxes that you want to startup are checked.


k thx.  it seems to be better now.  THX.