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Started by Parsley, November 18, 2005, 02:15:40 PM

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thanks, I used to play similar MUD :)  (called Midnight Sun http://midnight-sun.ludd.ltu.se:3328/) But BAT seems to be more advanced



Kids today.     >:(

Won't ever understand the hardship of early net-gaming, when all we had were 7.2s or 14.4s.

Will never understand the cry of 'LAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAg!'

When we were happy if we could download 2-3pics of pron, rather than the 2-3 movies they now swipe every night because mum & dad conceded to get broadband so as to help them with their 'homework'



lol. I remember dialing into BBS's. I was like 13 years old back in those days, so I had some rather funny experiences. My sister and I got banned from one when the admin was telling us about muds with ANSI graphics. We were like "ANSI in my pantsy!" The admin then banned us for "talking dirty." I eventually learned though and was a big LORD player. lol, downloading 2 or 3 pics of pron and running out space on your 40 megabyte hard drive. Actually I had two hard drives. One was 120 mb and the other 40 I think.
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Yes, these were golden times. Too bad it can never return again :(


The first games I played were on the first ever GameBoy, with cheap pixelated graphics using 2 or 3 repeating frames with a scrolling screen.

It's a step ahead of those shitty RPG's, which is probably why I hate the MUD things.


telnet: www.duelboard.com port 4000

/ping McCool

/send ayt Matlu

/msg I got banned from a dialin MUD - I found you could avoid death by bombing the server until it crashed; game server got reset & you had your pre-death character.

/emote tuts at himself for being such a rebellious geek



that would be nice :) If we only were at least 10 years ago it could look like this