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Started by bhall, May 02, 2011, 01:32:23 AM

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Hi!  I tried to login to play a game of cards and relaxed.  I hadn't been on the computer to play in awhile due to work and family responsiblities.  Other people play on this computer.  It had said that I had been banned from the website ~ ban id 1093.  Is there any way to get a banned lifted?  Please let me know because I do enjoy playing cards on this website.
B Hall


I created a new username today and wanted to play. I logged in and sat on a table. I did not insult any body at all and many people were telling me what a nice nick name.
some other people came to the table and were telling me i am stupid. I did not answer them and i was just playing.
It was all because my nick name was "FuckYou". I did not insult anybody at all, while some of them told me I'm sick. They even insulted people that were playing with me.

I am saying I did not say any bad word to them, I even did not talk to them. It's just a nick name.
Why they should think  I'm insulting them. It's just because I like that name.

After awhile I suddenly got banned with ban id i think "1110".
Again, I did not talk or insult anybody. I was just playing.
I'm a programmer/computer engineer too and I enjoy playing rook and like your application.
I don't know who banned me, but i think this is not good. Should yahoo ban all IDs like that?
Should that word get removed from all dictionary?
Dear Programmer/Administrator,
I am not going to insult anybody. I will appreciate it if you open my ip and my user name.
Thank you for your time.


Well computer_engineer, I would have to say that you were probably banned because of your use of a vulgar word in your nic.  When you fist login there is a warning about foul language and I believe that refers to nics as well.  This is supposed to be a family-friendly site.
eaten today? thank a farmer!


No, I did not insult anybody, I did not talk to any body, did not say any bad word to any body. I was joking with my partner.


At least open my ip. So I can play with a new nick name.