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Started by matlu, March 01, 2006, 07:12:44 PM

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I will be posting important information to this topic. I will lock this topic, so if you have any comments please post to other threads.

- I will work on Rook (unless something makes me to change my mind). I will probably trash current version and start from beginning, but I'm not sure yet. Development will take some time, I'm quite busy... and I also have  full-time job :(

- The likely reason why there is no place to play Rook online is, that this game is copyrighted, and copyright owner can (most likely) force anybode running such site to close it down. I'm not sure yet what can be done about it... minor change of rules would be probably sufficient. If you have some information or comments about this issue please let me know.


Dear Rookers,

I just released new TESTING version of online Rook. It is INCOMPLETE, but I would like to ask you to test it and post your opinions. The address is same: http://www.duelboard.com/rook

Most important MISSING features are:
- no score counting
- not possible to exchange cards with nest.

The rest should work.

Please don't complain about graphics or user interface, it will improve.

Also please not that it is only TESTING version, it may have many bugs. If you cannot start the game it probably means that it crashed - please try again later.

thank you :)