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gaining exp. points

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well vote well because i like the idea and i would like support from u all!!! :)

nah this would just encourage cheating

best to keep everyone on a level playing field

with only their wits to be their advantages

No offense but this is a very very bad idea, and would really mess up the game.

ok i see all ur peoples points i was just putting it up 4 votes to c wat people wuld say IF it happened ok but still thnx 4 trying to even look at it  :)

Words of wisdom vs. unnecessary flames on newbies:

i) Never complain and never explain (Roger Simon)
ii) Even from the most ignorant person come the seeds of understanding (St Francis of Assisi)
iii) Flame not lest ye be flamed (Proverbs, 101101)
iv) A great flame follows a little spark (Italian poet, you won't know him)


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