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Title: Racist Remarks
Post by: stormshere on October 09, 2010, 11:38:42 pm
matlu ive tried my best to ignore angelbynight. who btw needs the nic devilbyday.becouse im tired of the racist remarks she is making.this is what she said in lobby today AngelByNite: u ppl had put up with the french,,, we had the colored ppl.My daughter in law is black and there are others in duelboard who are black. the whole lobby was offended. she thinks she can say whatever she wants now .im sick of it.the USA has laws against racism.and that old prune is the biggest racist i know.plz do something about this or so help me. i will have my lawyer do something.
Title: Re: Racist Remarks
Post by: matlu on October 12, 2010, 12:42:52 am
Hello, I believe that AngelByNite was blocked after that.

Anyway, if somebody writes something inappropriate you should use "report" button, it stores what they wrote recently and I can review it later. You should also send me an email so I know I have to check the reports.