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Started by SaucyWench, October 27, 2010, 03:09:04 AM

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Hello, Matlu,

The TRAM feature is a great idea in the other rooms.  I like it very much.  However, in the tourney lobby it isn't such a great feature.

We have some formats that are called losers tourneys.  The auto tram feature is not compatible with this format.  There are times when you can "sneak" your cards thru and not be tram.

Would it be possible to disable this feature in the tourney lobby or maybe make it an option like rto/timer/etc  in all the rooms?  I know the tourney players would be very  happy to see it gone from the tourney lobby only.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Yes, I like it in regular games, but not in certain tourney games.
eaten today? thank a farmer!


i like it to but not in tourney its great in the other lobbies



Thank you, Matlu, for the speedy answer/fix.  Being able to use it as an option works so much better.


Here is how it works now. It only shows you TRAM when all following conditions are fulfilled:

1. no other player has Rook
2. no other player has a card of same suit but higher rank than any of your cards
3. in case you have a non-trump card, no other player has a trump card

I believe this covers all possibilities and there is no way to not get all remaining tricks, even if you tried to. If you find some flaw in these conditions please let me know.


That looks like it covers it all, Matlu.  Thank you again for helping us with this.