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Started by BladeSabre, July 04, 2005, 09:01:12 PM

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As for ideas - What kind of people do you want to attract to this game? Some small specialised interest group, or "the masses"?


thanks. There is still too much work. I have almost finished path-finding algorithm (to prevent walking through walls). Then will be necessary to add NPC's, items, and interaction with it. Then higher-level stuff like combat, quests. And to make it look not-too-ugly (this will be hardest part I'm afraid). In any case, months of work.

QuoteAs for ideas - What kind of people do you want to attract to this game?
Good question. Not easy to answer.
I already have a game for small specialised interest group, and I'm not too happy about fact that majority of "new" people never give it a second try. I'm not sure if I could afford to make one more such game. Well I would like many people to play it, and I don't really care whether they are "masses" or "specialized".


I suppose there is a balance with that. If your game is too much like the others, then people will just play the established ones instead. As you say, it would be nice to have something special, something that makes it different. (If there's nothing special and different, then what's the point?)

One thing is, that programmed "content" can only keep players interested for so long. There could be a danger of tying yourself down by trying pump out new content as fast as the players consume it. The multiplayer aspect is very helpful with that though - it's useful to come up with some things that players can use to keep themselves entertained, with more focus on each other than on the game itself. In RS this is basically limited to competing with other players to try and be the highest level (i.e. who can spend the most hours clicking), and killing people in various ways.

As we discussed before, I think that the player combat side of it could be very interesting if it's done right. If you're going to have it in the game at all, then I'm sure you could do things to give it a wider appeal that what goes on in RS.

I suppose the question is, what can people do in a game that's interesting, and that stays interesting for a long time?


In my personal oppinion, for attracting people purpose, Battle thingz would be the game.  Another Runescape game will not cut it, since most people would most likely choose RS over this new game in its first stages.


Quote from: bizolt on July 05, 2005, 06:03:23 PM
most people would most likely choose RS over this new game in its first stages.
There's no doubt about it.

To make battlethingz I need:
- detailed description how it worked. I never played it
- graphics
- I cannot promise that I will work on it soon. I plan to make backgammon first (which should be quite easy), and I'm considering Crypt. And I guess that likely I'll be spending majority of the time on MUD anyway.
- please don't mention Battlethingz in this section, either email me or write it to "general discussion". I'd like to reserve this section for MUD


Just a thought - does the RPG need to be 3D?

3D-ness does look flashy at first sight, but it's really hard to develop nice-looking graphics for it. In an RPG, where there's just so much stuff going on, it means years of work.

What would you think of a Gameboy-style setup? That can look pretty good, and it's still a lot of work, but probably a great deal less than 3D. Consider the GB Zelda games. I think they look a lot better than RS1. (Also, if you make the players move about with the keyboard, it makes retro-graphics look much better than with mouse movement. A neat psychological trick ;). And I know it's the most efficient on bandwidth, but even with 3D, point-and-click movement tends to make bad graphics look worse.)

The 3D engine could still be used for other games, maybe games that are simpler and use fewer objects that need drawing.


QuoteJust a thought - does the RPG need to be 3D?
Definitelly not. In fact it doesn't even need a computer :) It originated as "social" storytelling game played with pen, paper and dice. Later people attemted to simulate in on computer - according to capabilities of computers in that period :) First computer rpg games were purely text-based, and later top-view, isometric view, first person view and also 3d. There exists fair share of each of them.

About 2d vs. 3d for my game - I don't know. I'm afraid that there already exist too many online 2d rpgs. I choosed to clone RS because it is really unique game in it's class, I don't think there is any other online 3d rpg, playable from browser without downloading and installing. So I though it's better, than to get lost among hundreds of other 2d games.
Anyway, right now I'm not 100% sure whether it is really good idea. I will work on it, and maybe I end up in a dead end so I'll have to change my approach.


I know about the different kinds of RPG; I was just wondering whether this particular RPG needed to be 3D. It makes sense that it doesn't have to be, but that being 3D would make it stand out more.


Matlu, I was curious, are you making this rpg as a hobby or are you trying to turn it into a profitable business?  Either way its going to be a rather complicated project and I was curious what your goals with it are.
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For anyone planning to do all that work, I would hope they plan to make money! Really if it is "just a hobby" I would still slap ads on it to try and make some money, hey I even put a referral link on CWF for a group I was part of.


Quote from: zzboots on July 09, 2005, 04:19:03 AM
Matlu, I was curious, are you making this rpg as a hobby or are you trying to turn it into a profitable business?  Either way its going to be a rather complicated project and I was curious what your goals with it are.

lol, it IS a hobby, but I would not mind to see some money from it. You know, I have to pay bills (for example this dedicated web server is not cheap thing). As Blitz said, I will "slap" ads on it  (btw the adds earn VERY little money, it's sure not a way to get rich. I would be very happy if it could at least pay my interenet bills, but right now it cannot)

I know it is very complicated thing. I'm even not 100% convinced that I should continue with it. I also think of something smaller, with this 3d engine. For example I saw a game where you have a tank and you move in small 3d world, shooting other players. I like this idea, but I'm still looking for some.. originality. I guess I would like to make such small 3d game, but I don't know if it would be better to make it turn based or realtime. I could have some rpg elements. For example it could be a bit similar to Cyber Wars but in 3d - maybe also real time.


I still think you would do well to accept donations.


Make it 3d Bomberman. But with a persistent explorable world, and the ability to level up. Instead of getting stronger, when you level up you should just gain new abilities. And of course there could be temporary upgrades.. All the normal bomberman ones. Well, this isn't a serious suggestion, but it would be hella fun. ;)
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That is a helluvah good suggestion!

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MUD, or multi user dimension, usually refers to a text-based game...  Graphiced ones take the name "mmorpg", massivly multiplayer online RPG, to feel special.
That aside, I hate runescape's graphics.  A lot.  That was the last straw before I quit.  No, I strongly suggest to steer clear of Runescape style graphics.  They stink.  It would prolly be easier (and better) to make it sprited.  Like Tibia!  It loses nothing from it's spritednes..es...Whatever.  If you are going to do 3-D, at least don't do it like run-escape.
But that's just me.  Others may not share my opinion.